Sermons by “Greg Boyd”

Cross Vision – Greg Boyd

Greg Boyd shares his journey discovering the “cruciform hermeneutic,” which is a way to read the violent Old Testament portraits of God through the lens of Jesus’ crucifixion. Generations of Christians have drawn on these violent divine portraits to justify their own violence, war, and genocide. Yet, as the fullest revelation of God’s character, Jesus taught and lived a life of non-violent, enemy-love, culminating on his self-sacrifical death on the cross.

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Loving Our Enemies – Greg Boyd

Greg Boyd shares that the perfect picture of God’s love is demonstrated in Jesus’ self-sacrificial act of love on the cross for his enemies. Thus, when Jesus teaches in the Sermon on the Mount to love our enemies, he actually means it. Instead of retaliating against our enemies, followers of Jesus are to see our enemies as having unsurpassable worth, and to love them in the same way Jesus demonstrates his love for us.

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