Identity in community

In our community life together, we like to talk about our four identities:

  1. Family. We are children of God who care for each other in the family God has adopted us into. As God’s family it is our gift and responsibility to be devoted to each other and to care holistically for the needs of one another.
  2. Missionaries. We are sent by the Spirit to restore all things to God through Jesus Christ. Jesus came so all people, places, and things could be restored to right relationship with God. We believe we are missionaries sent by God’s Spirit into our communities, workplaces, and areas of interest to restore all things to God through Jesus.
  3. Servants. We are servants of Jesus who serve Him by serving others. Jesus said, “I am among you as one who serves…” All those who follow Jesus are called to serve in the same spirit of humility.
  4. Learners. We are students of Jesus, our teacher. We choose to follow the path called discipleship, which is the pursuit of the life and teachings of Jesus as the normative pattern for all who believe, and we choose to do that together in community.  As learners we are always looking for what is God has for us next.

We practice these identities in the context of Sunday meeting, house churches, youth & children’s ministry, and covenant community membership.