Youth & children’s ministries

We want to nurture, teach, and empower our next generation to live the “third way.” In order to pursue this vision, we:

Share the story of God. We want our next generation to be people of the Book—to meet in the story of the Bible an amazing and mysterious God whom they can recognize at work in their own daily lives.

Introduce the kingdom life. The main thing Jesus asks of His people is to walk in the kingdom of God. We want our next generation to understand the radical, upside-down kingdom and to choose it for themselves.

Participate in the hope of the world. We strongly believe that the body of Christ, the local church, is the hope of the world. We want our next generation to love the church, participate in it, and contribute to it. Children and youth are not waiting to be part of the church—they are an essential part of it right now.

Generate laughter and joy. Young people are made to be delighted by God. We want our next generation to grow in maturity without succumbing to cynicism or pessimism.

Encourage and support parents. Parenting is an increasingly challenging job in a culture that is prone to neglect and abuse, on the one hand, but also child worship, on the other. We want our next generation to have parents who are supported in their difficult path of nurturing and teaching their children.

Help young people reach out beyond themselves. Jesus’ “third way” asks us to join with God in the mending of our world. This includes kids! We want our next generation to learn compassion and care for others.

Here’s more info on our ministries for early childhood and elementary school children, and our programs for junior and senior high.