Why public Sunday worship?

Inviting all to reconcile with God. 

We believe the church exists for those yet to join. Worship intrinsically create an outreach environment, and when we gather in public, it is inevitable that people will come to see God in us. We host public Sunday worship to invite everyone to experience God’s love.

Staying connected to the source of life. 

We have public worship together because we believe that without worship, a person wilts. We need to express our loving relationship with God or we slowly die—but our life grows when we are connected to the love of God.

Learning in community. 

Even in corporate worship, our message originates from a deep community life that is seeking to live out and demonstrate the love of Christ. We think that the Bible should be known and followed, and we see that as a community endeavor.

Expressing worship with more than words. 

Since we are each and all temples of the Holy Spirit, art among us is never merely a matter of “self-expression.” God is an artist, and the artist who follows Him collaborates to reveal the glory of God.