Mission & vision values

MISSION | What are we trying to do?

Our name. Jesus always seems to choose a creative “third way” when only two equally un-kingdom options seem possible. On issues ranging from love to political loyalty, from helping the needy to responding to violence, Jesus rejects both aggression and withdrawal in pursuit of the “third way” of peacemaking.

Today we see the intersection of church and culture more in need of a “third way” than ever. Many suggest we must conservatively oppose and withdraw from society or else liberally allow it to redefine our belief and practice on its own terms. Either fight the culture wars, we’re told, or surrender the core of our convictions.

But we think Jesus would—and does—choose to meaningfully and honestly engage with culture. We think Jesus’ “third way” means no one is unwillingly left out—and no one is left unchanged.

Our mission together. Inviting people into kingdom community and joyfully following Jesus’ way. We are trying to influence as many people as we can to…

  1. Passionately express our worship and devotion to Jesus.
  2. Choose the beautiful and challenging path of covenant community.
  3. Personally pursue the practices of Christian transformation.
  4. Bring the very best of our gifts and resources to the mission of the church.
  5. Pray and work for measurable kingdom change in our neighbors and city.

VALUES | How are we trying to do it?

Intentionality. We will take the time and effort to thoughtfully seek God’s will in prayer to determine the desired outcomes of our ministries. We will work toward honestly evaluating whether or not we are meeting these expectations and will make changes when necessary.

Creativity. We believe that as beings who bear the image of our creative God, we are called to value the use of imagination, innovation, and the arts to inspire and bring life and beauty.

Hospitality. We hope to be a community that demonstrates a radical hospitality to guests, strangers, and even enemies. In the spirit of Jesus, all are welcome here among us, in the hopes that as we welcome all, we entertain angels.

Reconciliation. We lament for the racial, gender, social, denominational, and relational divisions within the church, in our neighborhoods, and among our own relationships. We seek to be a community that pursues unity over these divisions as we do the work of reconciliation.

Giftedness. We believe that a church should operate as a unified community of servants where we are all ministers discovering and using our spiritual gifts to serve and sacrifice for one another.

Authenticity. The way things really are is far more important than how they appear. We will work toward being a community of people that refuse to perform or wear masks, instead facing reality in order to bring true life and wholeness.

Simplicity & Stewardship. We will work toward bringing glory to God by demonstrating excellence, gratitude, and care with the finances, people, and natural resources God has entrusted to us. We will choose to find life in Jesus rather possessions so we may find joy in living simply and generously.

Trust. We will do the work necessary to cement our community together in trust rather than suspicion, self-protection, and judgment. This will require us to seek peace with each other through—not around—conflict by extending the benefit of the doubt, speaking truthfully, submitting to one another despite the risk of being hurt, and becoming trustworthy individuals.

Humility. We will follow Jesus’ example of humility as we find our identity, value, and beauty in the way God sees us. At the same time, we will embrace our weakness and brokenness so that we can move toward interdependence, love, and cooperation with God and with each other. This will mean gently modeling the alternative kingdom lifestyle which opposes arrogance, judgment, and exclusion.

Responsibility. We choose to be people who take responsibility for our own growth, discovery, and experience of the kingdom. While we need community to help us in these, others cannot choose our character and effort.