Covenant community

At the heart of the Bible, God is always calling people away from the core sin of selfishness into the only venue that can save us from ourselves: a community of commitment, interdependence, and responsibility called the body of Christ—the Hope of the World. The church is made alive by the Spirit, is under the authority of its head, Jesus Christ, and is made up of all who believe.

Here at Third Way, many of us choose to live out community life is through covenant relationships. At its heart, this means that we choose each other and we choose to be accountable to being the church together. We believe this is most possible after undergoing a covenant member process designed to help new members experience the life of the community and decide if it’s right for them.

Click here to learn about covenant community life, and click here to see our covenant.

When newer people are choosing to join our community, we invite them into 6 months of practicing membership. This gives them a chance to “try on” our full commitment.  Practicing members gather every other month to talk about their experiences and to process our vision and values.

If you’re interesting in becoming a practicing member, email Josias at